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Invokana Foot Amputation Lawsuit

If you or a family member suffered a foot or leg amputation after taking defective drug Invokana, you may be legally entitled to major payments for your injury via an Invokana foot or leg amputation lawsuit. Our law firm can help you to make that claim.

Amputation is life-changing, and its costs can be overwhelming, perhaps in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Your foot or leg amputation due to defective type 2 diabetes med Invokana surely has caused you such losses, from hospital and healthcare bills to lost wages from missing work to pain and suffering. But you may be able to gain compensatory payments -- and justice -- by filing an Invokana lawsuit for foot or leg amputation.

What Qualifies You for an Invokana Foot Amputation Lawsuit?

As for what qualifies you for such an amputation lawsuit, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have taken Invokana or related type 2 diabetes meds Invokamet or Invokamet XR.
  • You must have taken such medications no earlier than 2013.
  • You must have suffered amputation of toes, a foot or a leg after taking these products.

If you meet those conditions, contact The Willis Law Firm today for a free legal review of your case. It’s confidential and comes with no strings attached. Then we can help you assess your chances for a successful Invokana foot or leg amputation lawsuit. And if you choose to engage our law firm, we can ensure that your claim advances in the legal arena.

Why Does Invokana Cause Foot Amputation?

You may be wondering why Invokana -- a widely sold drug -- causes foot or leg amputation, as well as other side effects such as kidney damage. Why are there increased risks from a medication that’s supposed to help?

The answer lies in the drug canagliflozin. That’s the active ingredient in Invokana, which is a brand name and not a drug. Related type 2 diabetes med Invokamet adds metformin to canagliflozin, while Invokamet XR adds extended release metformin.
Those products are taken for type 2 diabetes to control high blood sugar levels by helping kidneys to remove excess blood sugar through urine. But in doing so, increased urination can lead to dehydration, which in turn can cause poor blood circulation to the legs, feet and toes.

The result of poor blood circulation may be a need for foot or leg amputation. Even the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has noted the risk of leg or foot amputation for those taking Invokana, Invokamet or Invokamet XR. The most common amputations needed by persons taking Invokana products are for the middle of the foot and the toes. Even worse, some victims have had to have their leg amputated below or above the knee. Among such sufferers, some have had to have both legs amputated.

Symptoms Suggesting Foot Amputation Need

If you have not suffered amputation but are concerned about symptoms suggesting its need, those include:

  • Infection in the feet or legs
  • Ulcers
  • Sores
  • New tenderness or pain

Consult your physician immediately if you suspect you may have a condition leading to amputation.

Drug Makers Have Failed to Warn of Invokana Side Effects

The makers of Invokana not only produced this defective product, but they also failed for an extended period to warn consumers about its potentially harmful side effects. Invokana entered the market in 2013, and for years it was known to carry an amputation risk. But the drug company selling Invokana did not issue a warning about this to consumers or physicians until Johnson & Johnson, which markets the brand, finally included a warning of amputation on Invokana products in 2017 -- four years after it began selling the defective drug.

Did Johnson & Johnson know for years that its drug could cause harm? It must have. In fact, its Janssen subsidiary sponsored a study of canagliflozin risks as early as 2009, four years before the drug was approved. That study was known as CANVAS, or CANagliflozin cardioVascular Assessment Study.

When Johnson & Johnson finally issued an Invokana amputation warning, it did not do so voluntarily. Instead, it was required by the FDA to add a warning of potential foot and leg amputation side effects to Invokana. That was a “black box warning” on Invokana’s prescribing information -- the most severe warning the FDA can require.

“Based on new data from two large clinical trials, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has concluded that the type 2 diabetes medicine canagliflozin (Invokana, Invokamet, Invokamet XR) causes an increased risk of leg and foot amputations,” the FDA wrote in its Drug Safety Communication. “We are requiring new warnings, including our most prominent Boxed Warning, to be added to the canagliflozin drug labels to describe this risk.”

Foot Amputation Side Effects Warnings - Too Late !

Yet by then, much damage already had been done. Johnson & Johnson had sold Invokana products for four years before issuing a warning of its amputation side effects.

Many persons who suffered foot or leg amputations after taking Invokana might have avoided this if they’d been alerted to its dangers earlier. They could have sought alternative treatments for type 2 diabetes, or guarded against the dehydration and poor blood circulation problems which Invokana is known to cause.

Also, healthcare professionals could have taken steps for patients’ safety, such as considering factors which could predispose patients to the need for amputations: a history of  amputation, peripheral vascular disease, diabetic foot ulcers and neuropathy. Physicians also could have monitored patients taking Invokana for symptoms which could point to amputation and substitute another type 2 diabetes treatment of complications arose. Instead, many Americans suffered. And now Invokana’s drug maker must pay.

Get an Invokana Foot or Leg Amputation Lawsuit

Already, hundreds are getting an Invokana foot or leg amputation lawsuit to claim payments for damages. In fact, over 1,000 victims of the defective drug have filed Invokana lawsuits against its maker, Johnson & Johnson, and the company’s Janssen subsidiary.

In September of 2018 the first Invokana amputation lawsuit was scheduled to go to trial. You can join the many Americans who face huge losses due to defective drug Invokana but are fighting back with lawsuits for their foot or leg amputation. Just reach out to us, and let us do the work.

Our law firm is experienced in helping injured Americans get the money they legally deserve through defective drug lawsuits. Let us help you, too. Notify us for your free case review, and rest assured you won’t pay any lawyer fees unless your case wins. Contact us today to get help -- and get results.

Invokana Foot Amputation Lawsuit - Talk to a Lawyer Now

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